Your Real Estate Investing Decisions

Need a Powerful Investment Property Calculator

Advanced Property Analysis balances sophistication and simplicity

Improve Decisions and Efficiency

Understand Cash Flows and Returns

Compare Investments and Returns

Color-coded Performance Measures

Our Executive Summary uses our quick reference color-code to identify if the investment is good or bad.


Important Numbers All in One Place

The Executive Summary puts all the critical investment measurements in one place.


Decide Quickly

Decide quickly whether you want to know more about this investment. If you see a lot of green, you can spend more time on the details. If you see a lot of red, skip it and go on to the next opportunity.



Understand the Property’s Cash Flow

Our Traditional Investment Summary displays the Pre-Tax and After-Tax Cash Flow in percentages and dollars.


Understand the Return on Investment (ROI)

The Return on Investment and the Total Return are both shown on this page of the report.


Understand the Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Net Operating Income (NOI) and Internal Rate of Return are show on the Traditional Investment Summary page.



Compare the Traditional Analysis to other investments

The Consolidated Investment Summary compares your property against 8 other traditional investment benchmark returns. If your property is not beating these indexes, keep looking.


Compare the Advanced Analysis to other investments

The Advanced Analysis average ROIs are compared against the benchmarks to help the investor decide whether to look at the details or look at another property.


Compare the Advanced Analysis to the Traditional Analysis

Compare the unique risk-adjusted returns of the Advanced Analysis against the Traditional Analysis returns. No other investment property software gives you this advantage.